CTDA Webinars

Customer Service Begins Here!

A CTDA webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd at 11 am Central on "Customer Service Begins Here" with Rudy Llerena, George Apakain and Cindy Bell of D&B Tile Distributors

Your success in customer service is in how you treat customers, in the showroom or on the phone. You do a great job of marketing and advertising. Can you provide great customer service?

  • Strive for great not just good customer service

  • Develop and educate your staff on customer service skills. A confident associate can focus on the customer and overcome any issues

  • Product knowledge can set you apart from your competition

  • In the showroom or on the phone … SMILE and acknowledge the customer is important. Listen!

  • Appreciate the customer and make them feel important

  • A phone is ringing … By the third ring the call should be answered. BUT… before you pick up that phone…

  • Let me check! Don’t just say NO

  • Create a process for handling customer service

  • Follow up and value the customers time

  • Onboarding process for new employees

  • Review employees and acknowledge their great customer service

  • Everyone is a part of customer service; order desk, showroom, warehouse, drivers, manager, owner etc.

  • Use technology to enhance customer service

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”
Theodore Roosevelt

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