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Thin Tile Installations-What to do before and after the truck shows up

If you’ve attended a tile show lately, you know that thin, large tiles are the current trend.  The full sheets can be 5’x10’ or even larger and handling them requires specialized knowledge.  A successful installation requires knowledgeable installers (and customers!).  This webinar looks at this new market category with a  focus on how to transport, handle, cut, and install them.  We will give an update on the progress of developing standards for both the products and the installation methods.  When the webinar is finished, the participant will be able to understand the challenges and promise of this emerging technology.

Dan Marvin is the Director of Technical Services for MAPEI Corporation and an industry leader in the field of thin tiles.  Dan spent 20 years in tile manufacturing and has a degree in ceramic engineering.  With his move to the installation products industry in 2013, he was able to combine his knowledge of the products with research into the best way to install them to have a uniquely well-rounded view of the topic.  Dan is a frequent presenter at Surfaces, Coverings, and Total Solutions Plus as well as presenting webinars for a number of trade groups on topics such as thin tile, standards development, and sustainability.

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Webinars are free to members thanks to a generous sponsorship by MAPEI.