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Heated Floors: A New Perspective for Tile and Stone

The next CTDA webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 27th at 11 am Central on "Heated Floors: A New Perspective for Tile and Stone" with Earl Maicus.

About Earl Maicus:

Earl Maicus is the Architectural Services Manager for Schluter® Systems and brings over 18 years of experience in the ceramic and stone tile industry. Earl joined Schluter Systems in 1995 as the company’s first US customer service representative, where he successfully launched its customer service department.  After recognizing a need to support Interior Designers and Architects, Earl created a new department in 2000 to aid them in design, product selection and specification. As a member of the TCNA Green Initiative Committee, Earl is also passionate about the environment and bringing sustainable products and methods to the tile industry. As an active member of the industry, Earl participates at international trade shows and industry events, and is the author of the Schluter® Systems L.P. Product Specification Guide.

Schluter® Systems manufactures over 40 product lines designed to increase the longevity of ceramic and stone tile installations. You can contact Earl at emaicus@schluter.com or visit www.schluter.com for more information.

CTDA Webinar Overview:

This seminar will examine the advancement of radiant heated flooring systems in residential and commercial construction and how it affects the tile and stone industry. We will discuss the benefits of both electric floor warming systems and hydronic tubing systems as a source for secondary and primary heat.

Tile and stone, which have excellent heat conduction properties along with a wide range of formats and finishes, make it an ideal material for complementing both radiant and electric floor heating systems.

Learning Objectives:

 At the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  • Comprehend the basics of heated floors and their relationship to the tile and stone industry.
  • Identify benefits of in-floor heating systems.
  • Understand the difference between a primary heat source and a secondary heat source.
  • Understand how the tile and stone industry can benefit from the growth in demand of in floor heating.

This webinar is free for CTDA Members thanks to a generous sponsorship from MAPEI.


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