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Large Format Glass Panels - Trends and Challenges presented by Chris Kain

Outsource estimating - is it right for you? Presented by Kathy CaseLarge Format Glass Panels - Trends and Challenges1. Define and show examples of LFGPs. 2. Explain where and why they're specified. 3. Detail some of the unique challenges. 4 Share new installation solutions.

Chris Kain

35 years in the construction chemicals industry with the last 18+ years in flooring. I started in the lab before moving to small batch production and finally 20+ years in technical. I've been demonstrating and presenting to installers, architects, dealers, and distributors for most of my career. I've attended 18 of the last 19 Coverings, 15 of the last 19 Surfaces, and many TSP and other regional events. I'm well known in the industry.


Kathy Case

Outsource estimating - is it right for you? We will explore what outsource estimating is. Discuss the benefits and limitations. How to choose and work with a service provider. How to be clear and set expectations. Discuss the output that you could expect or demand. Understand how differently your work from others in the industry.

In 1979, Kathy Case started her career representing the 3rd generation in a union tile/stone/terrazzo company in Connecticut. In the beginning, she performed accounting functions and generated union reports. During her spare time, she learned to estimate complex projects from comparing her takeoffs to her dads. By 1982, she was proficient at reading contract documents, learned to install tile, manage projects and create proposals. In 1994, she worked as an estimator for a full service flooring company and learned out to takeoff carpet and resilient flooring. In 2009, she was introduced to her first estimating software program. Over several decades, she worked for many prominent flooring contractors. In 2019, she decided to start an outsource estimating service. The intention was to provide emergency relief when a contractor had many great opportunities but could not get to all of them. After 3 short months, clients started to ask for the option for full time estimator help. We have become the one and only outsource estimating service that has been accepted by Starnet with the title of Preferred Service Provider. We are also actively recommended by the presidents of FCICA and Fuse. We have clients throughout US and Canada. In her free time, you will find her supporting the growth of the industry. For her own development, she is an avid participant in Tony Robbins programs and loves her family.