Technical Breakout: Selling Sustainability - Using sustainability as a Differentiator in a Competitive Market 

The tile industry has a great sustainability story to tell and it can be used effectively to compete against other floor and wall coverings. Attend this session to learn about EPDs, ingredient guides, red lists, VOCs, and other topics of interest to homeowners, designers, and architects. At the end of the session, the attendee will be able to use these tools to sell and spec tile in place of other surface coverings..  

Daniel Marvin: Director of Product Standards and Sustainability,Schluter Systems

Dan Marvin is the Director of Product Standards and Sustainability for Schluter systems and has more than 30 years of experience in the tile industry with stops at American Olean Tile, Florida Tile, MAPEI, Metropolitan Ceramics, and Schluter. He has a Bachelors Degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University. He is also the Chairman of TCNA's Green Initiative Committee, a role he has held since 2008 when the committee was formed. With TCNA, Dan has contributed to the Green Squared multi-attribute certification for tile and installation products, industry average EPDs, and the ingredient guide that provides transparency to the raw materials used in tile, grout, and mortar.

As part of Schluter Systems, Dan continues to champion Sustainability as a differentiator not only for Schluter, but also for the tile industry in general. He coordinates both standards development and sustainability projects within and outside the company and is a tireless presenter on those topics at industry events such as Coverings, Surfaces, and Total Solutions Plus. Dan is also active with the many groups that are a part of the tile industry including all of the groups represented at TSP. Dan has also been blessed with a loving wife, three children, two grandsons, and a variety of family pets. .