Business Breakout: Safer 'Places' Through Safer 'People'


While most seek to create safer people through safer places of business, unless you can control 100% of that internal or external work environment, the very objective is an impossibility. The more effective approach is to simply create safer 'people' who take a mindset of safety with them wherever their jobs or lives lead them, thus creating safer work environments on their own. How to do so, and document the process of doing so to avoid costly claims of negligence is the focus of this presentation.

Jeff McKissack

Jeff McKissack, President of Defense by Design, is a noted authority in the fields of profiling and threat assessment. Since 1987, Jeff has traveled and spoken to over 350,000 personally as well as countless others in radio and television interviews as well as news reports. He is a contributing writer to several state and national trade publications and author of the book, “Power Proverbs for Personal Defense” (CreateSpace, 2012). 

Jeff regularly speaks at various continuing education seminar events within the educational, medical, legal, financial, real estate, human resource, risk management and insurance professions, as well as offering platform programs and keynote addresses. Jeff further offers presentations to companies and corporations to help mitigate risks associated with workplace violence, helping to keep employees out of the Emergency Room and businesses out of the Court Room.

When asked about his work, Jeff best sums up his mission by saying, “My goal is to help you spot trouble ‘before’ trouble spots you.”