Business Breakout: Five Key Steps for Contractors who want to remain Profitable and Relevant in a Recessionary Economy

Contractors are facing enormous challenges today. A shrinking supply of talent, high demand from the industry, increasing inflationary pressures, and an uncertain economy are just some of the issues facing the contractor market. Time is money has never been more relevant than in todays market. If there is a recession demand will shrink, quality of work and efficiency will be more important than ever and revenues will be scarce. This session will highlight key economic, business and sales indicators that can help you manage your business in turbulent times. The session will show you how to be proactive with your employees, key suppliers and customers to remain profitable and relevant. We will present insights on how you can streamline your processes to turn your company into a streamlined, functional, and profitable machine. Companies that embrace the five key steps presented will dramatically improve their odds to survive and thrive in a recessionary economy and beyond.


Matthew Saltzman

Matthew is Managing Partner at Pallas Partners, Inc.