Technical Breakout: Problem Solving & Prevention for Tile & Stone Care: What to Know, What to Use & Why

With the tremendous growth and popularity of tile and stone today, using a sealer to protect these surfaces is virtually a given – knowledge of what to recommend and use for proper maintenance is vital. Learn techniques and which products to use to remove grout haze, strip a sealer, properly identify and remove efflorescence or latex leaching and restore heavily soiled and neglected installations and other common issues. This program will cover the problems associated with using “household” cleaners followed by what products should be used and why as well as problem solving - where & why use an acid, alkaline cleaners and solvent strippers.


  • Learn about the damaging effects of common household and many janitorial products.
  • Learn the benefits of using maintenance products designed for tile and stone.
  • Identify the difference and proper uses for alkaline, acid and solvent-based cleaners.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve common jobsite problems the first time with the right product.
  • Know when and how to use a grout release vs. a presealer to prevent grout staining and haze and add profit to your bottom line.

    Rod Sigman

    Rod has well over 30 years’ experience in the sealer, cleaner, and maintenance line of products for the tile industry. For many of those years, he has provided comprehensive training services, including product demonstrations and on-site training sessions for customers and contractors to ensure proper utilization of products through ongoing product support. He is highly regarded on many tile industry committees, including the NTCA and NSI Technical Committees. Rod successfully completed the Ceramic Tile Consultant Course in 1995. He has really established a reputation as a preeminent care and maintenance expert in the industry.