Business Breakout: Digital Wellness & Organization: The Most Essential Soft Skill for Success You Didn't Realize You Need

Though we often hear ideas for improving work-life balance, physical wellness, and mental health, we rarely hear of a root cause of issues related to those things: digital clutter and overwhelm. The organization and use of technology is perhaps the least discussed but most essential soft skill for success and well-being in modern times.


  • Stats show unmanaged, persistent tech use affects mental health. You need to prioritize your digital wellness.
  • Digital disorganization costs untold $$$ in the form of time lost scrolling, searching but not finding the email, photos, or digital files you need.
  • We’re on the cusp of advancements like AI, VR, NFTs, and Web3 becoming ubiquitous. How can you be future-ready if you can’t manage your email inbox?

  • Learning Objective #1

    How to stop the frustration/self-judgement about tech overwhelm and disorganization. There are key reasons (so relevant and interesting!) why this stuff can be challenging. Once you know those, you’re free from the stigmatization and positioned to move forward.

    Learning Objective #2

    Why you should prioritize digital wellness. Tech’s impact on mental health today is undeniable. However, we can’t just walk away from tech in the modern, connected marketplace and world. We must learn to master it so it won’t master us.

    Learning Objective #3

    Three things you can do NOW to alleviate tech overwhelm and free your mind. These quick tactics are immediately implementable and can bring relief nearly as fast. By applying these, you’ll have a base insight into other strategies you can use long-term. Side note: if time allows, you’ll get two more tactics for a total of five.

    Learning Objective #4

    Three things you can do EASILY to improve your digital organization. These simple standards are easy to put into practice and will begin to enhance your digital organization and access to all the materials you need anytime, anywhere. Stop burning precious time searching and scrolling; find what you need right away.

    Irene Williams

    Over 10,000 phone photos, four email accounts with tens of thousands of messages, dozens of social accounts between personal and professional life, and 100% overwhelm… It was at this make-or-break point that design industry digital marketer and business owner Irene Williams developed a system to declutter, organize, and manage her digital life. The solutions she created immediately improved her day-to-day productivity and, long-term, proved to be effective and sustainable. She gained hours back in her week, grew her business, and unlocked time and mental energy for creative pursuits. Now, Irene is an advocate for digital wellness and brings her system for lasting digital organization to the business world through content, coaching, and an online course: Declutter Your Digital Life. Her teaching addresses all aspects of digital life: email, social, phone use, photos, files—even virtual meetings. Her practical approaches get to the heart—and mind—of the matter so executives and tam members can experience lasting change and gain translatable soft skills to help in other areas of business and life. Beyond her passion for helping people cut the clutter and get to what really matters, Irene continues to lead client accounts through her digital marketing firm, Msg2Mkt, LLC, speaks at national conferences, and is an author and contributing writer for trade publications.  Find more information and resources at