Opening Keynote: Personal Leadership

Work Smarter, Stay Balanced & Lead by Example. Based on the New York Times Bestseller Decide. Your life is a product of your decisions.  Your criteria for making decisions are at the very core of your effectiveness.  Great decision-making habits can yield a lifetime of success and achievements while poor ones can keep you stressed, frustrated, and out of balance.  Just as a business must never stop learning, improving, and innovating to lead in the marketplace, as a leader in your business you are faced with this same challenge.  In this presentation you will learn which decisions accelerate your success, increase your engagement, reduce your stress, prevent burnout and restore the feeling of balance.  Steve’s infectious energy and thought-provoking style will inspire you with specific actionable content that you can put into practice immediately at your club.   If you are interested in learning a decision-making system that can help you sell more effectively, overcome obstacles to achieving your goals, and help you face the challenge of succeeding in today’s “always on, hybrid” business environment, this is a “don’t miss” presentation. 

  • Dramatically increase work and life engagement.
  • Focus on results and the true drivers of performance.
  • Prevent burnout, end procrastination and regain critical planning and personal time.
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals and be an example of balance for others to follow.


    Steve McClatchy

    Steve McClatchy is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and author of the New York Times Bestseller Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress & Lead by Example. Steve has spoken before thousands of audiences on the topics of leadership, performance, personal growth, and work/life engagement. His client list includes the NFL, Google, Pfizer, Microsoft, Disney, NBC Universal, Accenture, John Deere, Under Armour, Wells Fargo and Campbell’s Soup. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard and Wharton.

    He has appeared on ABC, CBS, Fox News, NBC’s Today Show and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Investor’s Business Daily. Steve’s passion is for continual improvement and believes that when we stop learning, gaining experience and achieving goals we stop living. Steve is best known for his passion, sense of humor and energetic personality. You will be captivated, motivated and truly inspired by his unique and practical approach to effectiveness and success.