OCT 27-30, 2018 / Grapevine, TX


Distributor Breakout: Recruiting and Retaining Peak Performers

In case you haven't noticed there is a war on talent in the business world. Leaders and managers in every industry struggle to recruit, develop and retain talented employees. The business world is experiencing the same challenges as college athletic coaches who compete nationally for four and five star athletes.

Employers today face a shrinking talent pool and a low unemployment rate. Last year 38% of employers reported difficulty in filling job vacancies. This trend will continue as 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day according to Pew Research.

In today's hiring landscape your ideal candidate likely already has a job. What would draw a satisfied candidate toward your company? If you answered money you would be wrong. In his bestselling book Drive Daniel Pink suggest that human need can be boiled down to three desires: mastery, autonomy and purpose. Talented employees want interesting work that is challenging and stimulating. In this interactive workshop Sandy Smith will focus on how to create an organizational culture that attracts and retains peak performers.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is a professional speaker, educator and "executive coach." For over 20 years Sandy has been a special consultant in the tile world including conducting educational seminars and workshops for tile manufacturing, distribution, dealers and contractors. Through the years Sandy has been a frequent speaker at CTDA, Coverings and TSP. Sandy is a member of The World Futurist Society, National Speaker's Association and writes an occasional article for Floor Focus Magazine. In addition Sandy writes a blog for The Huffington Post on Reducing Burnout in the Workplace.