NOV 4-7, 2017 / Washington DC


Leading and Managing Knowledge Workers... Who Think for a Living

Some time ago Harvard Business Review published an article entitled Leading Clever People by Rob Goffee. The basic premise of the article was that today's rapidly changing workplace is comprised confident, independent, verbally assertive employees who may not want to be led and may be smarter than their leaders or manager.

It has been Sandy's experience that today's employees, whether in sales, marketing, finance, IT or human resources need guidance, feedback and support if they are to succeed. Much like parenting, there exists a thin line between authoritative management and a passive "hands-off" approach to leading.

This interactive Sandy Smith presentation will focus on leaders and managers from some of the "best places to work in America" who have discovered how to create an organizational culture that attracts and retains talented employees who are committed to each other's success. This session will provide participants with practical insights to take back to their workplace.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is a professional speaker, educator and "executive coach." For over 20 years Sandy has been a special consultant in the tile world including conducting educational seminars and workshops for tile manufacturing, distribution, dealers and contractors. Through the years Sandy has been a frequent speaker at CTDA, Coverings and TSP. Sandy is a member of The World Futurist Society, National Speaker's Association and writes an occasional article for Floor Focus Magazine. In addition Sandy writes a blog for The Huffington Post on Reducing Burnout in the Workplace.