NOV 4-7, 2017 / Washington DC


The Real Profit Drivers: An In-depth Review of What Really Impacts Profit

Distributors have a decision to make as whether they want to base their actions on profit anecdotes or profit facts. This session will focus on the real keys to profit improvement.

This convention session will present the results of largest sample of distributor profitability ever undertaken. It will reveals what actually drives profit across a wide range of distribution industries. The conclusions shatter much of the conventional wisdom in distribution.

Firms that employ the right combination of the Critical Profit Variables produce a Return on Assets and a Pre-tax Profit Margin that is twice as high as the typical distributor. It is a massive difference.

The topics covered in this report include:

  • Does size matter?
  • How fast does the firm have to grow?
  • Can gross margin be too high as well as too low?
  • Is cost control an out-of-date concept as some consultants suggest?
  • Should firms to continue to try to lower investment levels?

Al Bates

Dr. Albert D. Bates, chairman and president, is the founder of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The firm works exclusively in the area of corporate financial planning. He makes approximately 100 presentations each year on topics such as Improving the Bottom Line, Getting Serious About Profit, Doing More with Less, and Pricing for Profit. He also provides strategic direction for the firm’s investigation into profitability research for over one hundred different trade associations.

He has written extensively in both the professional and trade press, including the Harvard Business Review, the California Management Review and Business Horizons. In addition he writes the quarterly Profit Improvement Reports for the firm’s trade association clients.

Al received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and his MBA and doctorate from Indiana University. While at Indiana he was one of the first recipients of the Ford Foundation Fellowships in Business Education.

He is married and has three college-aged daughters, which is why he gives 100 presentations a year. When he is not traveling giving seminars, he enjoys tennis and skiing. He is not particularly good at either one.