NOV 4-7, 2017 / Washington DC


The Amazing Face: How to Close Sales in the Showroom Part 1

This session will teach participants how to have an instant, accurate, objective assessment of every person they meet. How to spot deception, stress, personal preferences, create instant connections, and understand the other person better than their best friend before you even finish shaking hands. The session will show how to read the other person's affect and decision making process, relationship style, personal motivations and spot breakdowns in communication, and read what is not being said.

Mac Fulfer

Mac Fulfer is an attorney who initially became interested in face reading for the purpose of jury selection. After years of practice and study he wrote Amazing Face Reading, a guide to reading faces which has sold over 85,000 copies. Mac’s use of face reading has provided an amazing breakthrough in communication. He has presented to over 2500 major corporations and national organizations and his information is used by professionals in human resources, sales, law enforcement, jury selection, psychology, and by corporate managers, meeting planners, attorneys CEOs and business owners. He also provides free individual face readings at the presentations.