OCT 22-25, 2016 / Indian Wells, CA


Electronic Document and Data Management Strategies

Christopher Lupton illustrates how companies have embraced document management to streamline paper processes and focus on their customers and core competencies.

In this session, dealers will learn at a high level what software and hardware tools are available to get back hours of time and reduce FTE needs.

The focus will be on​case studies/​practical examples and education for those in accounting, HR, operations or business leadership.  We will also spend time discussing how a document solution can work directly with your existing ERP or accounting systems with minimal impact on ​y​our team but great time savings.

​Lupton is the ​founder and ​president of INFODYNAMICS​. ​ ​His company has provided document solutions to companies throughout North America including companies like Netflix, McDonalds, Tapco, Genie Industries and thousands of others.


Chris Lupton - Founder of INFODYNAMICS


After attending Purdue University, Chris started INFODYNAMICS in 1989.  INFODYNAMICS is dedicated to innovation in document productivity and advanced workflow.  As companies work to get more out of their ERP, accounting and core business applications, INFODYNAMICS has continually introduced innovative products to help with workflow, security, compliance and eliminating paper.

Christopher and INFODYNAMICS are based in Indianapolis, IN and service thousands of organizations of all sizes throughout North America including Netflix, McDonalds, Headwaters, Tapco and many more.