OCT 22-25, 2016 / Indian Wells, CA


Understanding ANSI A137.1 and How to Apply this to your Installation Projects

ANSI A137.1 is the national American standard specifications for ceramic tile products.  This is a manufacturing, not an installation standard.  This standard provides quality criteria for buyers, specifiers, installation contractors, manufacturers and the public in general.  Distributors and Contractors should be aware of this standard for many reasons.  First and Second Grade ceramic tile, decorative and specialty tile, and trim pieces are all covered in this standard.  Individuals with knowledge of this standard use this consistently in the industry to manage customer expectations to resolve disputes in the field.  

One of the most common consumer complaints related to ceramic tile on both walls and floors is what the tile industry calls lippage, a condition where one edge of a tile is higher than the adjacent tile, giving an uneven appearance.  This problem has increased significantly in the past several years due to larger sized tile, plank tile, and the desire for more narrow and minimal grout width between the tiles.  In order to fully manage a project or to professionally handle a jobsite complaint, it is important to understand A137.1 standards, before you address the actual installation.  This session will give a brief explanation of the A137.1 standard, and how to use it in sales and installation.  It will also cover how to calculate for lippage, using A137.1 tile standards, and factor this in to acceptable tolerances in the actual tile installation.   


Noah Chitty - Crossville, Inc.

handshakeMr. Chitty is the Director of Technical Services for Crossville Inc. located in Crossville, TN.  Noah’s extensive knowledge about porcelain tile and the ceramics industry began almost 20 years ago while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Ceramic Engineering from Clemson University and then becoming the Director of Laboratory Services and Standards Development for Tile Council of North America (TCNA). He is the former Vice-Chairman and Chairman for ASTM C21 & C21.06 and sits on many industry committees including ANSI A108, ISO TC-189 TAG, TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation, NTCA Technical Committee and CTDA Education & Certification committees.  Most recently he has been involved in the development of the product standard for porcelain tile panels, and has been chosen to be the chairman of the ANSI ad-hoc group charged with creating the A108 installation standard for this category.


Mark Heinlein - NTCA

handshakeMark Heinlein is a trainer and presenter for the National Tile Contractors Association.  He is CTEF Certified Tile Installer #1112 and a former tile contractor near Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Mark travels the eastern half of the United States and across the country conducting training workshops and connecting with tile professionals to ensure installations meet North American industry standards.  You can follow his travels on Facebook at mark.heinlein.5