OCT 22-25, 2016 / Indian Wells, CA


Closing Keynote: Obtaining Altitude through Attitude

David Okerlund believes it’s not the changes in life that do us in. The big problem is in our inability to confront and conquer the uncertainty that creeps into our lives and our attitudes. As he states, “I’m not a guru of future economics or a strategist of money management, but I do understand the human dynamic and what it takes to find happiness and contentment with our daily lives. To me, that’s the key to coping with uncertainty. More importantly, I believe it is a message almost every individual needs to hear today!” 

This presentation targets the key ingredients we must master to obtain a positive attitude in an avalanche of change and chaos. 

David Okerlund

David Okerlund, a passionate, award-winning, speaker incorporates years of experience as a hospital administrator, national sales manager, newspaper columnist, and communications coach into his messages.  With his mastery of emotional intelligence and situational empathy, he touches audiences in a way that they will never forget. 

  • David has given over 2,500 speeches to over 1,000,000 people without one disappointed client.
  • Twice he finished in the final three of the World Championship of Public Speaking, a contest of over 20,000 individuals from over thirty countries.
  • He taught speech and debate at Oxford University in England and was asked to debate Patrick Buchanan at the prestigious Oxford University Debate Club. 
  • He was inducted into the International Hall of Fame for Speakers in 1984.
  • He helped design a class in Persuasion and Ethics for university graduate students in Minnesota.
  • David Okerlund has been described by Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith and others as the “best personal speech coach in the United States.”