OCT 22-25, 2016 / Indian Wells, CA


Design Trends

Learn how and why trends are born and the way to analyze the drivers and signs to spot those trends. In this presentation, Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, will teach participants how to capture, analyze and process socio-cultural research to forecast design and market trends, define new business opportunities, identify the new consumer and identify fresh ways to reach new audiences. Participants will learn how to be in tune with the always-changing consumer. In addition, Feras will reveal the latest macro and micro trends in design so you can be preparing for a response to the “next big thing??".


Feras Irikat - Director of Design and Marketing, Lunada Bay Tile

handshakeFeras Irikat is a designer with a modern vision, a global perspective, and the confidence to take an
unexpected path. Both a trailblazer and a tastemaker, Irikat’s style is informed by art, architecture
and travel, and he interprets these cues for today’s lifestyle through the innovative use of color,
texture and technology.

Feras received his BA in interior design and his MA in family and consumer sciences from San
Francisco State University. He also completed advanced graduate work and research in color theory
and color psychology.

As a celebrated educator of color theory, applications and color psychology, Feras taught at San
Francisco State University, UC Santa Cruz Extension and West Valley College. He shares his extensive
knowledge about design, color theory and trends forecasting with architects and designers at
seminars and showrooms around the world. As a frequent guest speaker on design panels across
the country, Feras captivates audiences with his engaging candor and fresh approach to design.
Regarded as an innovator in the design industry for his unusual approach to color, Feras has partnered
with a variety of companies for more than 18 years to produce furniture, textiles and tile.
Today, he is director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, a leader in the design and
production of handcrafted glass, stone, metal, wood and ceramic tiles.