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Monday Opening Keynote
Eric Chester
"Reviving Work Ethic: Helping Leaders End Entitlement and Restore Pride in the Emerging Workforce"

The Golden Rule instructs us to treat others the way we want to be treated.  But what if the other person doesn’t want the same things we do? What if treating others the way we want to be treated only creates friction between us?

In a perfect world, business leaders would employ a workforce that’s engaged, enthused, and ethically unassailable.  The reality, of course, is that the new emerging workforce is streetwise and techno-savvy, but they’ve not been taught how to succeed in the workplace, at home, or at school. 

Eric Chester is the leading authority on developing work ethic in young adults and leading Gen Y employees to achieve at their remarkable potential.  His presentation will illustrate why the work ethic in America has declined, and he’ll provide solid, actionable ideas and tools for developing the young worker and restoring the pride of a job well done, instilling within them the work ethic they should have received at home and in school – but didn’t.

 Some of the key topics areas covered and learning objectives include:

  • Discover the 7 Indisputable Core Values that every employer demands from every worker, and why they are getting harder to find but are essential to develop.
  • Find out how to promote a workplace culture rooted in reliability, professionalism, integrity, and respect.
  • Learn how to be an 'up and over' leader, moving employees from “Idle,” “Lucky,” and “Cheating” behaviors into the “Valued” Quadrant.
  • Improve customer service in your business to break free from a “vending machine mentality” by learning how to instill an attitude of gratitude across your front line.

Eric Chester is a leading voice and a trusted source in the global dialogue on employee engagement and building a world-class workplace culture.

For almost twenty years, Ericʼs been studying, analyzing, speaking and writing about the emerging workforce and attracting, managing, motivating and retaining top talent.

Business leaders sought out Ericʼs advice on how they could better connect with young employees upon the release of his 2002 bestseller, Employing Generation Why: Understanding, Managing, and Motivating Your New Workforce, leading to his frequently appearing in the national spotlight with national media appearances being sourced as an emerging workforce expert in national publications.

Hearing the outcry from Americaʼs employers, Eric turned his attention to building a better workforce by creating a revolutionary new curriculum exclusively for teens and young adults to teach them the employability skills todayʼs employers demand. He wrote the breakthrough book for youth, Bring Your A Game to Work: The 7 Fundamental Values that will make Every Employer want to Hire You and Fight to Keep You!, and he founded The Center for Work Ethic Development.

In 2012, Chester released Reviving Work Ethic: A Leaderʼs Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce — the first business book written on developing work ethic in over one hundred years.

His new book set to be released in 2014 titled “On Fire at Work: How Legendary Leaders Ignite Passion in Their People without Burning Them Out” will be THE definitive resource business leaders and managers on every level in every industry will turn to for highly applicable and very relevant ideas and strategies for developing a world class workplace culture that engages employees and improves performance and retention.

As a speaker, Eric Chester holds the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) credential awarded by the National Speakers Association, its highest earned designation and is a 2004 inductee into the International Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.