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Opening Keynote: Jon Petz, It's Showtime...and Life isn't a Dress Rehearsal

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Jon Petz is an engagement expert. He ensures your meeting or event attendees are engaged into the meeting objectives, team, environment, work effort and passion of what they do and how they perform. Jon delivers this impactful message as a high energy and funny motivational keynote speaker, Master of Ceremonies or corporate magician.

Clients including the US Air Force, IBM, T-Mobile, AT&T, Marriott, Cardinal Health, Accenture, Nationwide Insurance, Walmart, ABC, Deloitte, Aflac and JP Morgan Chase, Honda, FOX and Goodyear absolutely RAVE about the energy and engagement from their attendees and the success of their programs when working with Jon and the Bore No More!™ team.

Clients hire Jon as an engagement expert because he delivers unmatchable energy along with his unique ability to creatively combine a business or inspirational message with an entertaining twist, keeping your audience directly in touch with the content while they're enjoying the process.

Jon is an expert at communicating, entertaining, running effective meetings and engaging an audience, keeping them actively involved in the event. Quite simply, he has mastered the ability to inspire, inform and entertain while skillfully relating to every audience.

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Keynote: Eric Astrachan, Fat, Skinny, Tall, Short and Tattooed: Tiles Go Wild

Eric is the Executive Director of the Tile Council of North America. He will provide an overview of the breadth of tiles available in the market today, especially in terms of thickness and strength. From thin to thick, there’s a tile for every application and a decoration for every surface.

But what does all this mean in terms of standards? It’s no longer one standard fits all. Especially for reduced thickness tiles or “thin tiles”, what opportunities are created and what are the challenges? Eric will discuss this from an industry-wide perspective, explaining how thin tiles are different from conventional tiles in more than just thickness, and what those differences mean. New surfaces to tile and tile-over-tile options not previously considered are now possible. While opportunities abound, there are also pitfalls and challenges ahead. He will discuss progress toward new manufacturing and installation standards and the issues under consideration.



Closing Keynote: Mark Scharenbroich, Nice Bike

Mark Scharenbroich shares core messages on how to build strong connections in the workplace that results in improved performance across the board. Mark has spent his career working in both industry and education discovering how some of the best organizations and business leaders build a climate that encourages people to perform at a higher level. Combine the timing of a stand-up comedian, the power of an inspirational speaker and the art of a story teller and you get Mark Scharenbroich. Mark uses laughter to open his listeners' minds and then moves them to action with messages aimed at the heart. Audience members will:

  • Be reminded that their work is vital to the growth of the organization.
  • Be receptive to change and more positive in their approach to work.
  • See the importance of working respectfully and collaboratively.
  • Gain a greater connection and sense of purpose to their work.

Plus, this guy is funny - very funny and his messages last long after the laughter fades away. Mark Scharenbroich is known internationally as a speaker and director of several award winning programs on leadership and performance. His material is original, his performance is authentic and his messages makes sense.

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Pat O'Connor, Healthcare

Pat O'Connor is an experienced lobbyist before the Congress and state and federal regulatory agencies. Specializing in health, transportation and environment, almost all of the legislation in these areas passed in the last twenty years bears his imprint and that of K&O clients. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Pat O'Connor successfully managed a congressional campaign. He then worked on Capitol Hill - in both the House and Senate - before starting Kent & O'Connor. His views and those of his clients are invariably sought as an important preliminary step in the government process.

As Washington Representative for several health-related associations, Pat O’Connor was directly involved in the process that led to enactment of the Affordable Care Act and now with its implementation. As Washington counsel to several business-related associations, Pat is actively engaged in providing guidance for compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Health Care: The Affordable Care Act and planning for the 2014 implementation of the employer mandate. What does it mean for my company? Is a better to pay or play?

Mark O'Brien, Search Engine Optimization

Mark O'Brien is the CEO of Newfangled, a web development company that has been helping businesses plan and build conversion-focused websites since 1995. Mark speaks internationally at conferences about web strategy and marketing topics and is the author of "A Website That Works: How Marketing Agencies Can Create Business Generating Websites."

The Secret to the High Performance Website
During this breakout session we'll look at how you can create a site that operates at peak levels and drives new business. We'll look at how website content can serve to attract the right prospects through SEO, intuitively guide them to the right areas of your site based on their interests, and bring them into engagement with your business so that you can them nurture up to the point of becoming a client. Key learning points include:

  • How SEO really works, and how anyone can do it well
  • What a content strategy is, and how you can create the right plan for your business
  • How the modern marketing website works, and what the core components of the high performing website are

Shannon Vogel, Social Media

It’s fair to say that Shannon was quite literally born into the residential construction and design business! Both of her parents own and operate a building company and interior design service. Shannon was well versed in everything from paint to hardwood to shingles before the age of 6. Growing up in the family business, Shannon developed a passion for working with people and honed her design skills.

As her interests flourished so did her opportunities. After more than 10 years in the business, Shannon changed her focus from commercial and residential flooring sales and interior design to helping others in the flooring industry promote and grow their businesses through social media. In 2008, Shannon launched and drove one of the flooring industry’s most successful blogs and has since achieved certification as a Social Media Strategist. Shannon is currently the director of Social Media for Creating Your Space where she works daily to strengthen the brand awareness of flooring dealers throughout the country. Shannon currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband Kevin where they enjoy traveling, wine and the culinary arts.

Arthur Mintie, Barrier Free Design/Techniques

Arthur Mintie serves as the Director of Technical Services at LATICRETE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. - a World Leader in Tile and Stone Installation Systems and Construction Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of the LATICRETE Technical Services Department, including providing technical assistance to specifiers and designers and is actively involved in global education and training for tile and construction industry materials and methods.

This presentation focuses on the design and installation of barrier free tiled shower systems.  The presentation provides an overview of the attributes of barrier free shower installations including a review of applicable industry standards that govern tiled shower installation systems. The presentation discusses the various types of waterproofing membranes and drains that are used for these applications. Best practices, installation methodology and various installation tips and techniques will also be discussed. In addition, the presentation will review alternative shower system components and accessories suited for barrier free applications.


Specification Smack Down

Panelist include:

Bill Prescott - United Distributors Tile Group
Nancy Scanlan - Garden State Tile Distributors

David DeBear - Custom Building Products
Dave Milanowycz - Florida Tile

Christopher Walker - David Allen Company
Brian Castro - DTI of Illinois

NTCA & TCAA, ACT Demonstrations

CTDA Forum
Distributor's Forum

Every year CTDA distributor's gather to discuss several topics and issues they are facing in the tile industry. Submit your topic suggestions and Distributor Forum ideas to CTDA staff.




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