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CTDA December Webinar
Software System Implementation

Are you implementing a new Software System? How much will your company invest on employee resources and application consultation? Are you developing processes and procedures to align the software with your organizational needs? What is the real ROI when you implement a new software system? How can you implement the new system with little negative impact to the customer?

For more information on the December 19th webinar and to register now, click here.

Coming in 2009
The CTDA membership committee has come up with another great benefit of membership! Beginning in 2009 all CTDA members will be given the opportunity to allow their customers to participate in CTDA webinars. In order to take advantage of this offer each company must purchase the $99 webinar for their company and will then receive a discounted price of $25 for each additional customer site they would like added.

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Profit Improvement Report
The Datings Game
By Dr. Albert D. Bates

In the current troubled economic environment, firms throughout the supply chain are making hard decisions about their relationships with other members of the chain. Many of the decisions have significant financial implications.

One of the most important considerations is the degree to which suppliers offer their distributor partners cash discounts and datings on the merchandise purchased. In a tight-credit/lowered-profit world, every supplier should review their terms of sale. To do otherwise would be to violate a fiduciary responsibility.

However, even modest changes in the terms of sale can have an extremely negative impact on the financial results of distributorsóboth in cash flow and profitability. Everybody in the supply chain needs to understand how these revised terms work through the distributor organization.

This report examines the datings/cash discount issue from two different perspectives: Impact on Financial Performance and Working with Suppliers.

To read the complete December Profit Improvement Report click here.
To read the impact of Cutting Inbound Terms and Cash Discount Rates click here.

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Regional Advertising
TileDealer is now offering to members only the ability to advertise regionally! For the last 5 years, TileDealer Magazine has been met with rave reviews. This bimonthly publication is devoted entirely to the ceramic tile industry. In addition to its content, what distinguishes TileDealer from other publications is that it is published by the leading industry association -- CTDA.

We are excited to provide our targeted readership of 26,000 dealers, distributors, and architects -- the largest in the industry -- with a unique publication that adds value with every turn of the page!

Regional circulation of TileDealer will give advertisers like you the opportunity to reach the buyers that represent the majority of all the tile purchased in the United States. We encourage you to leverage this opportunity now for you and your company.

For more information contact Karen or Susan at Niche Sales & Marketing at: (818)704-5555 or email at

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'Courtesy of' Copies of TileDealer
A new benefit of membership in CTDA is the ability for members to provide customer names to receive TileDealer magazine. The customer names you provide will receive issues of TileDealer and above their address on the issue it will read, "TileDealer Magazine, Courtesy of (your Company name here)"

The names provided by our members will be sent TileDealer for one year beginning with the first issue in January 2009. After one year, the member will be given the opportunity to resubmit a list of customer names to receive TileDealer for the following year. The deadline to submit a list has passed, however if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please contact Erin Soger as soon as possible at

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CTDA Member Showroom Idea Center - In Progress!
The CTDA Showroom Task Force is currently working hard to develop a website in which members can share showroom photos, ideas and articles. The site will also allow CTDA Allied Members to post links to their products.

Help CTDA staff kick off the website by providing pictures of your showroom!
Each photo must be a jpeg image and contain the following information:
1. Company Name
2. Market Focus (who is this showroom trying to sell to)
3. Business Focus
4. Whether or not the showroom is open to the public
5. Showroom Size
6. Number of Employees at showroom location
7. Type of Employees (Interior Designers, Certified Salesman, etc.)
8. Location of Showroom

CTDA staff recommends sending a CD containing the photos and required information to CTDA, 800 Roosevelt Road, Building C Suite 312, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. The Showroom Task Force will review the photos to determine which are appropriate for the site.

Please contact CTDA staff with questions.

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Back to Basics - The Key to Recession Proof Your Business!
By Barbara Sanfilippo, CSP, CPAE
CTDA 2008 Management Conference speaker Barbara Sanfilippo has broken down three key areas that she believes are essential to recession proof your business and create consistency and urgency with your staff. 1. Stop Order-Taking, Start Order-Seeking and Consult with Clients. 2. Pre-Call Planning - The Key to Differentiate and Win Business. 3. Engage Your Staff To Deliver On Your Service Brand Promise.

To read the complete article click here.
Throughout the article Barbara refers to her handout from the CTDA Management Conference. To access the handout click here.

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