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CTDA Performance Tracking: Quarter 2
As part of CTDA’s on-going effort to assist its members during the economic downturn, we are providing you an opportunity to track your performance against other CTDA members free of charge on a real-time basis.

Simply download and fill out the Excel Template for the second quarter of this year and the second quarter of last year. This should only take you a few minutes. In the next month you will receive information on the changes you have experienced versus other firms. Have you made the proper adjustments in head count and other expenses? Is your inventory too high? The report will help you answer these questions.

If you don’t take part, you will NOT receive this information. Given the critical nature of this project, results are limited only to those who help provide the input information. The deadline is July 17th. No submissions will be excepted after this date.

The survey will be repeated at the end of the third quarter as well. In addition, the information will be used by Dr. Al Bates in his presentation at the CTDA 2009 Management Conference. It will allow the meeting to look at more current information than it has in the past.

All information is confidential just like in the CTDA PROFIT Report. In this case the information is going directly back to Dr. Bates’ personal email account (bigal@profitplanninggroup.com). No data should be sent to CTDA Staff.

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CTDA July Webinar
The next CTDA webinar will be held on Thursday, July 16th at 10 a.m. CENTRAL. Leading this month’s webinar will be Greenbuilding expert and Management Conference speaker, Jerry Yudelson. Jerry will be speaking on "Understanding & Moving into the Green Marketplace".

Click here for more information on July's webinar as well as to register.

CTDA is offering three special webinar promotions right now to show our appreciation to our members. Click on the links below to download the appropriate registration form.
1. All Greenbuilding Committee Members receive this webinar FREE of charge for their hard work on the Committee.
2. All Management Conference Attendees can purchase this webinar 1/2 price ($50).
3. If you register for the Management Conference prior to July 15th you receive this webinar FREE of charge.

Looking for more information on CTDA webinars? Have you missed a recent webinar and want to purchase the link? To view more information on CTDA webinars click here.

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CTDA 2009 Management Conference
The CTDA 2009 Management Conference will be held November 5-7th, 2009 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ. F
or more information on the conference click here.

The CTDA Convention Planning committee has been working hard on ways to save you money on this year's Management Conference without reducing the value of the event. The schedule for this year's conference has been consolidated to bring you the educational information you have come to expect from CTDA Management Conferences in a shortened time period. To view this year's schedule click here.

Sponsor this year's conference and receive up to 4 complimentary registrations, among other benefits that spotlight your company throughout the conference. For more information on sponsorship click here.

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CTDA Showroom Idea Center - In Progress!
The CTDA Showroom Task Force is currently working to develop a website in which members can share showroom photos, ideas and articles. The site will also allow CTDA Allied Members to post links to their products.

Help CTDA staff kick off the website by providing pictures of your showroom!
Each photo must be a jpeg image and contain the following information:
1. Company Name
2. Market Focus (who is this showroom trying to sell to)
3. Business Focus
4. Whether or not the showroom is open to the public
5. Showroom Size
6. Number of Employees at showroom location
7. Type of Employees (Interior Designers, Certified Salesman, etc.)
8. Location of Showroom

In addition the site will include information on the following topics: Hand Crafted & Decorative Tile, Tools & Accessories, Care & Maintenance, Design Services, Under Tile Heating, Merchandising Options, and Showroom Lighting. If you have any information you would like to post on any of these sections please contact CTDA staff.

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Summer Committee Meetings
The CTDA 2009 Summer Meeting Conference Calls will be held August 3-5, 2009. For a complete schedule of meetings as well as call in information click here. Agendas will be sent to all committee members in the coming weeks.

Did you miss the Spring Committee Conference Calls? See the below minutes to find out what each committee is currently working on. For more information on any committee projects contact CTDA staff. To join a CTDA committee click here.

Certification Committee - Minutes
Convention Planning Committee - Minutes
Education Committee - Minutes
Greenbuilding Committee - Minutes
Marketing & PR Committee - Minutes
Membership & Benefits Committee - Minutes
Warehousing & Logistics Committee - Minutes

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Social Networking & CTDA: Find Out What the Industry is Saying
CTDA has recently joined a Social Networking site, Facebook, a free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. There are many different aspects and uses of Facebook that CTDA plans to take advantage of.

Our purpose for joining Facebook is to provide an opportunity for our members to share useful knowledge in a convenient and economic way. For information on how to set up your Facebook account click here.

Discussion Competition
For each substantive topic you post to the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association Facebook group that prompts at least one response post, you receive 2 points. For each response you post to a topic you receive 1 point. Whoever posts the most topics and responses between now and Thursday, October 1st will receive 1 free Management Conference Registration, a value of $695!

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