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Profit Improvement Report
Let's Make Things Worse: Cutting Prices in a Down Market by Al Bates
In periods of economic growth price cutting is a serious problem. In tougher economic times price cutting morphs into an absolute disaster. However, when sales volume is soft, firms almost instinctively resort to reducing prices in an effort to "keep things going" even if they are going poorly.

This report will address the issue of price cutting, particularly with regard to its impact on profit in slower economic times.

It will do so from two perspectives:
. The Impact of Price Cutting on the Bottom Line-An examination of how price cutting affects the profit structure of the firm.
. Alternatives to Price Cutting-A review of the opportunities for actually enhancing gross margin in down times.

To read the complete June Profit Improvement Report click here.
To read the Impact of Price Reduction click here.

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CTDA 2008 Management Conference: Register Today!
The CTDA Management Conference held every November provides valuable opportunities to learn from the nation’s finest speakers, discuss needs with suppliers, and share ideas and solutions to mutual problems with fellow distributors. Programming is designed to improve both your professional and personal life.

This year's Management Conference will be held at the Wyndham Rio Mar Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico from Wednesday, November 5th through Saturday, November 8th.

For more information and to register today Click Here.

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CTDA Survey: What Keeps You Up At Night?
CTDA is here to help you with the issues that keep you up at night. Please participate in the following 2 minute survey to help CTDA staff help you! The survey will no longer be available after Tuesday, August 5th.

Click here to participate or go to

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CTDA Trade Mission to China
CTDA Travelers Return from Trade Mission to China

Late last year CTDA members were offered a wonderful invitation from the U.S. China Ceramic Tile Association, China Ceramics City, and the City of Foshan to participate in a trade mission to Foshan, China, for the opening of the China Ceramics Industry Headquarters. Forty-seven CTDA members and industry representatives accepted the invitation and in June found themselves on a whirlwind introduction to China's ceramic and stone industries.

A five-day sightseeing tour of Shanghai and Beijing before the trade mission portion of the journey allowed those participants able to attend the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and history before the Foshan meetings. Their itinerary was very full, including touring Zhou Zhuang (the Venice of the East), climbing the Great Wall, visiting the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square to name just some of the highlights. In addition to sightseeing, participants networked, networked, and networked some more as CTDA members do over Chinese meals, bus rides, and more.

After five very busy days the group moved on to Yunfu, in the Guangdong province of China, a major granite and marble producing region, where they were joined by several additional participants to visit stone factories and showrooms. From Yunfu, it was on to Foshan to participate in the 2nd U.S. China Ceramic Tile Summit and visit ceramic tile manufacturers and showrooms there. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of CTDA members and their Chinese counterparts, the summit was especially enlightening. Participants on both sides of the Pacific shared their requirements and concerns for expanded business, concluding that more and better communication is key to developing these relationships.

Click here to view pictures from the Trade Mission. Login: CTDA08 Password: chinatrip1

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What Exactly Is a Good Leader? By James Dion
CTDA is hosting monthly webinars in 2008. The webinars will be 1 to 1 1/2 hour educational seminars done via audio and web conference simultaneously. The webinars will be held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 10:00 a.m. CDT. The cost is only $99 for members, per company location (i.e. many people may participate from one location at a time) and $150 for non-members, per location.

The next webinar is scheduled for July 18th at 10:00 a.m. CDT. It will be given by James Dion, founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., is an internationally known consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and author of the best-sellers Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice As Hard, Start and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store. Among his clients are Williams-Sonoma, Ritz-Carlton, Harley-Davidson, Ace Hardware, the National Retail Federation, and Bella Pietra Honolulu.

James Dion will also be speaking at this years Management Conference.

Webinar Agenda:
1. What is Leadership?
2. Leadership Theories
3. Why Leadership is mostly "Situational" and what that means to you
4. Learning to Understand People to Motivate Them Properly
5. What You Need To Do Right Away
6. Questions & Answers

Click here to download a registration form for this Webinar. Click here to register online. Click here to view the developing schedule of monthly webinars.

Please contact CTDA Staff with suggestions on future topics, or if you or someone from your company would like to present a CTDA webinar.

Please Note: In order to register online you will need your user name and password. If you have troubles obtaining this information please contact CTDA Staff at (630)545-9415.

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