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2009 Management Conference

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Marc Rosenkrantz Receives CRM Designation


Quarter 1 Sales Performance Results & PROFIT Survey Deadline Reminder
The severity of the recession on the construction/home repair market can be seen directly from the special CTDA quarterly performance report. The information is for the first quarter of 2009 versus the same time period in 2008.

Sales for the first quarter of 2009 decline by just over 20% compared to 2008. Because of price pressures, gross margin dollars declined even more, almost by 25%. The net result is that the gross margin percentage fell from 35.4% to 33.6%.

CTDA members offset the sales decline by reducing operating expenses by almost the same percentage as the sales decline, in the case of operating expenses, just over 20%. The net result of these changes is that operating profits fell by more than 50%. The good news in the somewhat negative results is that the typical firm in the survey still managed to produce an operating profit rather than a loss.

The key to the expense reductions was a reduction in head count. Again, this reduction was in line with the sales decline, decreasing by nearly 25%.

From a cash perspective, accounts receivable fell by just less than 15%. This reflects the sales decline and the fact that many customers paid slower than in previous times. At the same time, firms only reduced their inventory by 8%. This suggests that firms were trying to maintain adequate in-stock positions to keep the sales declines from becoming even larger than they actually did.

The CTDA survey will be repeated at the end of the second quarter. Results of this first survey are being made available to all CTDA members. However, in an effort to increase participation the results of the second-quarter survey will only be made available to participants. To view the summary click here.

In addition, if you have not yet submitted your 2009 CTDA PROFIT Report, the deadline is TOMORROW, MAY 15th! Don't miss out on this valuable benefit of membership! To participate in the survey click here and submit your information to the Profit Planning Group by the end of the day tomorrow.

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CTDA 2009 Management Conference
The CTDA 2009 Management Conference will be held November 5-7th, 2009 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ. F
or view more information on the conference click here.

The CTDA Convention Planning committee has been working hard on ways to save you money on this year's Management Conference without reducing the value of the event. The schedule for this year's conference has been consolidated to bring you the educational information you have come to expect from CTDA Management Conferences in a shortened time period. To view this year's schedule click here.

Great News! There are already 57 distributor members from 31 different companies and 39 manufacturer members from 20 different companies registered for the CTDA 2009 Management Conference!

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CTDA Spring Committee Meetings Summary
The CTDA 2009 Spring Meeting Conference Calls were held April 13th-16th. Below is a quick summary of some of the major projects each committee is currently working on. For more information on any of the below projects please view the minutes or contact CTDA staff.

Certification Committee - Minutes
1. Achieve 300 CCTS' by the end of 2009
2. CCTS Webinar
3. POP Display
4. Recertification

Convention Planning Committee - Minutes
1. Create a Joint Management Conference
2. 45 Distributor Companies and 45 Manufacturer Companies to attend the 2009 Management Conference

Education Committee - Minutes
1. Online Education, Stone Course
2. CTDA Webinars
3. Tile Training in a Box Task Force
4. Floorcovering B2B Meeting

Greenbuilding Committee - Minutes
1. Greenbuilding Educational Piece for Consumers
2. Participate in the Sustainable Building Movements
3. White Paper on the Sustainability of Ceramic Tile
4. Greenbuilding Section on the CTDA website

Marketing & PR Committee
- Minutes
1. Showroom Idea Center
2. Rebrand CTDA
3. Regional Advertising
4. Courtesy Copies of TileDealer

Membership & Benefits Committee - Minutes
1. Active Membership Campaign
2. Achieve 300 Distributor companies and branches in 2009

Warehousing & Logistics Committee - Minutes
1. Locate a Warehousing & Logistics Speaker for the 2010 Management Conference
2. Publish a list of best practices and metrics in warehousing
3. Locate a Warehousing & Logistics Speaker to conduct a Webinar in 2010

To join a CTDA committee click here. The next committee meetings will be held via conference call in August, 2009.

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CTDA Webinar
The next CTDA webinar will be held on Friday, May 15th at 10 a.m. CENTRAL. Leading this month’s webinar will be representatives from the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition, a non-profit organization, comprising building materials associations, building materials companies and academic and government organizations (www.responsiblemoldsolutions.org).

Click here for more information on tomorrow's webinar as well as to register.

Looking for more information on CTDA webinars? Have you missed a recent webinar and want to purchase the link? To view more information on CTDA webinars click here.

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Marc Rosenkrantz Receives CRM Designation
Schechner Lifson Corporation's Marc Rosenkrantz recently earned the designation of Certified Risk Manager (CRM). Due to the advanced level of the curricula, the CRM designation has gained national esteem and recognition since its origination in 1996. "The CRM designation recognized and confirms the higher level of knowledge and professional distinction that Marc Rosenkrantz has achieved in the field of risk management," stated William T. Hold, President of CRM International.

To read more on Marc's new designation click here.

As a benefit of your membership in CTDA you have access to an industry unique property/casualty insurance program. CTDA members receive a sample safety management program for auto, warehouse and risk transfer. They also receive an additional 15 percent rate reduction on their general liability and workers compensation. The program also contains a crime provision that provides protection in the event of fraud or stolen checks.

Marc Rosenkrantz of Schechner Lifson Corporation, an active committee member of CTDA for 8 years, leads a team of experts that is available to assist all members. Call them and begin to reap the benefits of having a safe workplace and the premium savings that follow! For more information click here.

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