CTDA Members Touring Chinese Manufacturers in June 2008


Are you going to Coverings?

What's going on with the Committees of CTDA

The Dr. Is In: Help for Dealing with Uncertain Times


CTDA Members Touring Chinese Manufacturers in June 2008 - Want to come?
The 2008 CTDA Trade Mission to China is a fantastic opportunity for North American tile distributors to meet with Chinese ceramic tile and stone manufacturers. We will be the honored guests for the grand opening of the new China Ceramics Industry Headquarters in Fo Shan, China. This facility, five times bigger than the original China Ceramics City, will house amazing tile showrooms and warehousing operations. We’ll see ceramic tile and stone factories and visit with the leaders of some of the world’s largest ceramic companies.

An option for attending only the business portion of this trip is available. Contact Andy Peng at (408)416-1626 for more information.

For more information and to register now click here http://www.chinatiles.org/2008china.html.

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Congratulations to the newest Certified Ceramic Tile Salespersons! Both Mitch Hawkins from Laticrete and Jason Neu form Southeastern Interior Systems passed the exam at Surfaces.

In addition, Laticrete International, Inc. recently finished its second Private Testing certifying an additional 15 ceramic tile salespersons. Congratulations to: Patrick Blackburn, Joseph Braswell, Mark Brooks, Jeffrey Carder, Steven Clark, Brian Cotterman, Robert Devereaux, Richard Gluns, Mike Goins, Kevin Mahoney, Adam Marks, Arthur Mintie, Edward Obymako, Donald Peak, and Michael Simpson.

This brings the number of Certified Ceramic Tile Salespersons to 137!

Several companies have hosted or plan to host private testing for the CCTS program. In fact Century Tile, Louisville Tile, Crossville, Orchid Ceramics and others have private testing planned for 2008. If you would like us to bring the CCTS test to your employees and customers, click here https://www.ctdahome.org/email/CCTSPrivateTestingApplication.pdf

To take the exam at Coverings click here http://ctdahome.org/pdf/Coverings%202008.pdf.

For more information on the CCTS program click here http://ctdahome.org/email/CertificationTestInformation.shtml.

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Are you going to Coverings?
Coverings 2008 is the premier event connecting Distributors, Contractors, Retailers, Fabricators, Architects and Designers in the dynamic energy of an international exposition featuring the world’s finest tile and natural stone.

This year Coverings will be held in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center from April 29th – May 2nd.

Click here for more information on Coverings 2008 http://www.coverings.com/.

Don’t miss the Distributor/Retailer education track. Several CTDA sponsored sessions are planned.

For a complete list of Coverings events and sessions click here http://www.coverings.com/2008-sessions.html

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What's going on with the committees of CTDA?
Executive Committee

  1. Registered Job Specification will be dropped from any future consideration.
  2. August Board meeting will be held in Chicago on August 21 and 22.
  3. Additional edits on the PTCA license agreement and corporate documents will be provided to TCNA.
  4. Staff will pursue regional advertising opportunities.
  5. Staff will create a mock up of a monthly electronic newsletter for review by the Executive Committee within two weeks.


  1. POP display examples will be developed by staff for the next meeting.
  2. Additional private testing locations will be pursued.
  3. Staff will verify press releases were sent to the CCTS’ from the Management Conference testing session.


  1. Surveys will be edited to ask “why” for each comment and remove the “No Comment” option.
  2. Reformat business meeting.
  3. Alternative draft schedule sent to Committees for input.
  4. Look into east coast and Midwest venues for 2010 Management Conference.


  1. A schedule of webinar topics and possible presenters for the year was approved.
  2. A price of $99 per computer for each webinar will be assessed. The first webinar will be free. Additionally, companies will be able to register for all webinars for the year in advance for a discount.


  1. Committee members will provide comments/edits in writing to staff and Mr. Pryor by March 1.
  2. Several people volunteered to review USGBC letter ballots on behalf of CTDA.
  3. Ms. Schafmeister will provide an article to be re-distributed to the committee.


  1. Staff will find mystery shopping companies and obtain punch lists from them to recommend to the committee at the Coverings meeting.
  2. A showroom best practices Task Force will be formed to develop guidelines by the Coverings meeting.
  3. Staff will implement a showroom contest for CTDA member distributors.


  1. The contact report will be distributed to the Committee the first week of April.
  2. The prospect list will be distributed to all CTDA Committee and Board members as soon as possible.
  3. Remove TileDealer subscription from active member formula.
  4. Implement “Get Active” campaign.
  5. Send report on new committee members the first week of April.
  6. Software system implementation webinar will be suggested to Education Committee.


  1. Messrs. Pryor and McLennand will review articles to be published on behalf of CTDA.
  2. The Mold Committee will meet annually at the CTDA Management Conference only.

Warehousing and Logistics

  1. Members will provide lists of best practices and metrics for best practices to staff by March 1.
  2. Steve Vogel and other distributors will be asked to develop PowerPoint presentations for a CTDA webinar on warehousing and logistics.
  3. Staff will pursue possible tours of members around Coverings and the Management Conference.

To Join a CTDA Committee Click Here https://www.ctdahome.org/Erin/CTDA%20Committee%20Participation%20Form_2008.pdf

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Attention all CTDA members - The Dr. Is In! Help for Dealing with Uncertain Times
Given the uncertain economic times, many companies can benefit from some outside financial advice. Dr. Al Bates of the Profit Planning Group, long time Management Conference Speaker and CTDA Company Performance Report Producer, has agreed to chat with any CTDA member free of charge. The session can be up to 15 minutes, on any topic of concern.

There are, however, a few rules:

  • Your company must have participated in the financial benchmarking survey for 2007 or 2008.
  • You will need to fax in the questions so that Al can be prepared to talk intelligently without wasting your time.
  • You will have to work with Al to set up a mutually beneficial time. Be aware this may be after normal working hours.

For more information or to sign up for this opportunity please contact:

Al Bates



1790 38th St., Suite 204

Boulder, CO 80301

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