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Mark Krawczyk

Credit Management in Trying Times (and in Good Times, Too!)
Mark KrawczykMark has over thirty years of management experience spanning two centuries in banking, corporate finance, treasury operations and human resources. Mark is the principal and owner of his own firm, CZYK & Associates. Through his company, Mark provides consulting, training and professional speaking services to clients around the country.

Credit management in this time of uncertainty in the financial markets can be a challenge. What should you be doing to make sure your line of credit stays intact, affordable and accessible? How can you be sure you are doing all you can with your credit provider to keep them informed and aware of your "fiscal health?" What should you be proactively doing to make sure you have the access to working capital you need to stay in business? Be sure to bring your "hands-on" experiences to share and learn from others during this very interactive, informative, educational (and sometimes even humorous) session.

Don Reynolds

Economic Update 2010
A hands-on economist, Don Reynolds has served as Chairman of the Board on pension review and investment committees responsible for over 100 billion dollars in investments. Don has fifteen years experience working for three of the nation's largest brokerage firms and has taught at the university level for over ten years, developing the nations first graduate business course on the 21st Century.

A self-confessed information junkie, Don reads an average of seven newspapers a day, over 50 magazines and periodicals a month and countless newsletters and research reports. Known for his high-energy presentations, rapid fire Q&A and spontaneous humor, Don has been described by various media as mesmerizing, visionary and near clairvoyant.

Dealing with Crash, Don answers the four most common questions: How did we get here? How bad will it be? How long will it last? What it means to me? He also discusses the housing collapse credit crunch, Obamanomics, stock market, banking industry, deflation now inflation later, understanding the demographics of the bust, and much more.

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Jeff Risley

Social Networking
Jeff Risley has 18 years of communications experience helping organizations successfully plan and implement public relations and marketing communications initiatives. Jeff has been a partner at Barkley for 8 years. He founded Barkley’s social-media practice five years ago, and he currently manages the day-to-day activities of the PR firm. He has guided work on brands including Payless ShoeSource, American Italian Pasta Company, American Century Investments, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Sonic Drive-In, R.H. Donnelley, Original Juan Hot Sauce, The Breast Cancer 3-Day, Minute Rice, Success Rice, Aquila and The Coca-Cola Company.

Prior to joining Barkley, Jeff was the channel marketing manager for
an e-commerce company where he developed and managed marketing communications initiatives with the company's partners, including Chase Manhattan Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Cisco. Jeff also spent several years managing trade associations with a consulting firm in Chicago and Washington, DC.

His experience includes strategic planning, media relations, social media, issues management, cause marketing and event planning for a variety of industries such as consumer products, financial, manufacturing, building and construction, health care, golf and travel and tourism. Jeff is a native of Kansas and has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Benedictine College.

Jeff regularly blogs about public relations, social media and marketing at

Jack Daly

The Power of Relationship Selling
Jack Daly is an expert in sales and sales management inspiring audiences to take action in customer loyalty and personal motivation. A nationally known professional speaker, Jack leads with content, delivers with contagious enthusiasm, and leaves his audiences wanting more and committed to taking action. His use of real life anecdotes and his ability to say what most people “just think” leaves a message that stays with them for years. Jack brings 25 plus years of field proven experience- from a starting base with the CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies. Jack has participated at the senior executive level on four de novo businesses, two of which he subsequently sold to the Wall Street Firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston. As the head of sales, Jack has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices nationwide. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jack currently resides in San Clemente, California. He achieved an MBA from Wilmington College, a BS from LaSalle College and held the rank of Captain in the U.S. Army.

Jack believes that success is by design, not chance. The key ingredient to increasing profits is enhanced sales skills and implementing field proven strategies for productivity improvement. This session is designed to make positive results happen through more profitable selling. The emphasis is on street-tested (not theory) sales techniques that are immediately implementable and produce enhanced profitability. When Jack’s sales techniques are applied in the field they are proven to build and nurture relationship selling and you are rewarded with repeat, longer term clients and, therefore, reduced sales and marketing costs. Most sales people understand sales skills but execute them poorly. Jack Daly teaches field-proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while bonding long-term client relationships.

Al Bates

Company Performance Report
One of CTDA's most popular speakers, Al Bates from the Profit Planning Group has proven expertise in a number of financial and management fields and he will once again present the annual CTDA Company Performance Report.

The report, compiled confidentially from responses of ceramic tile distributors across the country, gives you a clear and concise view of the financial strengths and weaknesses of the ceramic tile distribution industry.

But that's not all! Financial challenges that arise in a downturn economy are challenging. This session will distinguish between actions that really help and those that only make a difficult situation worse. Identify draining cash traps - inventory and accounts receivable, and slam the door on expenses - focusing on areas where reductions are possible without sacrificing customer service.

In order for Al's information to be as up to date as possible, CTDA staff will be sending you another survey prior to the conference. More information coming soon!

To learn more about the Profit Planning Group and Al click here.

Jerry Yudelson

Housing 2010: What's Green About It?
Jerry Yudelson is a dynamic, funny and motivating speaker. He speaks on a wide variety of topics around the business of green buildings. His presentation will review the status of green homes and green developments in 2009 and looking forward to 2010.

You'll learn about new green technologies, systems and products, along with energy and water conservation initiatives. How to make the business case for green homes, what consumers think and how builders are responding will all be covered in this dynamic, fact-filled and fast-paced presentation. The program will review ENERGY STAR, LEED, USGBC, and NAHB national green home rating systems, along with a number of important local and regional programs. Bring your questions: the presentation will feature an extensive Q&A session to address all of your burning concerns.

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Walter Bond

No One Can Stop You But You!
After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Communications, Walter Bond overcame a devastating injury to become the first NBA rookie free agent ever to start on opening night. Walter, the young man who never, ever gave up on his dreams, went on to have an eight-year professional basketball career, playing alongside such NBA greats as Karl Malone and John Stockton as a guard for the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons. Toward the end of his basketball career, Walter developed the ability to apply on-the-court success and teamwork to the business world when he and his wife became owners of a national franchise. Walter changed his profession but never changed his winning attitude.

Sit back and get ready for an entertaining presentation of unforgettable stories and analogies that can even inspire the uninspired. You'll walk away from this seminar ready to use the talents you already have, to dig a little deeper, to honestly evaluate yoursel - and then to achieve everything you want and more. You'll also have the power to knock down any obstacles that have been standing in your way.

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