Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson (CCTS) Pilot Test

The Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) reaches another milestone in its 27 year history of maintaining a strong industry with the launch of the Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson (CCTS) program! 

Through the CCTS program, companies can gain the prestige, professional recognition, expanded knowledge and increased customer satisfaction through documented sales competence. It’s the first and only certification program specifically designed by and for ceramic tile salespeople!

Developed by professional ceramic tile sales experts with the assistance of Southern Illinois University (SIU), the CCTS program covers the necessary skill sets to meet customers growing demands.

The benefits are significant:
• Raises professionalism
• Promotes focus on product features and benefits
• Increases employee pride
• Provides a competitive edge
• Increases profits
• Establishes the CTDA as an important standard-setting body for professional competence in the ceramic tile industry.


SIU’s Department of Workforce Education and Development (WED) is one of the largest workforce-related professional development preparation agencies in the United States, and offers undergraduate and graduate preparation through the master's and doctoral degrees.

Take the pilot test at the

2006 Management Conference!

If you participate in the pilot test now,

you are entitled to a

complimentary exam when we begin formal testing in 2007!.




Click here for eligibility requirements and pricing information for the

actual exam .