Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone Online Courses
Ideal for Salespeople and Installers

Are You Looking for a Fast and Easy Way to Increase Sales and Profits?

The fastest way to increase sales and profits is through EDUCATION. Online training provides the tools your employees need to build confidence, credibility and effectiveness.  And since there is no travel involved, business owners don’t have absent employees, lost productivity or added expenses.  The result is an immediate return on investment!

CTDA has joined with the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS) to develop a series of educational courses to benefit association members. These include:

Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile
Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone
Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification Course
Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide
The Complete Guide on Developing Tile & Stone Specifications with Architects, costs 2 tuitions ($200)

CTDA offers the above courses at a discount to its membership.  The price for individual courses is only $100 (that’s $50 off the regular price!). Volume discounts are available and require pre-purchase of 10 or more tuitions (please contact CTDA for a price on volume purchases). Non-CTDA members can receive $10 off the regular price when registering through the Follow the instructions and set up a new account, then enter the coupon code “CTDAonline.”


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CTDA Online Course Benefits

  • Employees will gain credibility with customers
  • Courses are available on the internet for 14 days total, 24/7
  • No loss of employee productivity and no travel expenses
  • Self-paced interactive courses; students can study at their own pace
  • A diploma can be printed for those who successfully complete a course
  • Company management can request that group monitoring be set up when 10 or more people are enrolled. This enables the monitoring of students’ progress and results.

Tile and Stone Course Details:

Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile is for new employees and those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn about all the aspects and attributes of ceramic tile. Topics that are covered are History, Types and Uses of Ceramic Tile, the Manufacturing Process, Installation and Maintenance, How to Select the Right Ceramic Tiles, Sales Techniques and How to Avoid Problems and False Expectations. Depending on the pace of a student, this course can be completed within 5 to 7 hours.

View the following short video to learn more about the Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile online education course.

Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone has been created with salespeople, installers and design professionals in mind as well as business owners. The course Table of Contents include: Introduction and History of Natural Stone, Stone Geology and Formation, Stone Quarry Mining, Stone Processing and Fabrication, Stone Countertops, Stone Installations, Vertical Applications: Exterior Veneers and Interior Walls, Stone Selection and Design, Stone Care and Maintenance, Giving Customers a Choice. Depending on the pace of a student, this course can be completed within 6 to 8 hours.

View the following short video to learn more about the Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone online education course.

Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards (ITS) Verification Course, previously the Tile Installer Thin-Set Certification (TITC), online course instructs installers on industry standards and proper installation methods for tile thin-set applications that apply to ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile and other types of adhered tile materials. The course is available in English and Spanish.

The ITS Verification is a huge benefit to tile companies. Since the ITS online course teaches tile installers industry installation standards and methods, it helps companies avoid expensive failures. It also helps companies differentiate themselves from others when they can demonstrate that their installers are ITS verified.  The results will ultimately earn more jobs and more money, while at the same time, avoiding costly delays and failures. The ITS Verification must be renewed every two years.

Once enrolled, students have 24/7 access for 14 days to complete the course. The course is interactive and contains many videos and photos to maximize learning. 
Employers can track employees’ progress in the course and can access performance reports.  A passing grade enables students to print out a personalized certificate to carry with them, indicating that they have successfully completed the ITS course.  Depending on the pace of a student, this course can be completed within 5 hours.

Disclaimer: Passing the ITS course and having a Tile Installer Thin-set Certification and using the ITS designation is not an indication that the student has the skills to perform good tile work or will perform good tile work.  It simply is an indication that the student took the course and passed it demonstrating that he/she learned the industry standards for the thin-set application and that he/she understood those standards.  This course is not proctored. We assume that all registrants actually take the course and tests themselves.

View the following short video to learn more about the Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards (ITS) Verification online education course.


Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide has been created by the UofCTS as an online study guide for people who are preparing to take the CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) test.  Through the CCTS program, companies can gain the prestige, professional recognition, expanded knowledge and increased customer satisfaction through documented sales competence.  It’s the first and only certification program specifically designed by and for ceramic tile salespeople!

The online CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide is available at Online Education Registration, click here to access the registration page.  Students who purchase this course will be given 30 days access to it.  Additional 30 days access to the course will be provided as necessary until which time the student successfully passes the CCTS test.

The Complete Guide on Developing Tile & Stone Specifications with Architects provides detailed information on how architectural sales representatives can get their company’s tile and stone products specified, by learning strategic tactics and creating “Bulletproof Specifications” that are resistant to “Value Engineering and Substitutions”.

Students completing this course will learn everything from how to determine product suitability to how to prepare “Bulletproof” Specifications. Templates for MasterFormat specifications are provided. Special attention is given to tracking and protecting specifications from substitutions and value engineering that can compromise quality and result in lost sales. Learn how to identify and target potential projects. Improve your communication skills by fostering dialogue and practicing “active listening” with architects and specifiers in order to build meaningful business relationships.

The course’s content is based upon many years of successful architectural sales by expert tile and stone sales representatives that have sold many high-profile projects around the country.

Please Contact CTDA with any registration questions or comments.

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