CTDA LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

CTDA LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Webinar Presentation for Sale!


There is a growing market demand for environmentally friendly, "green” building design, construction practices & products. The government is strongly encouraging or even requiring environmentally friendly building practices. In response to this need the CTDA Greenbuilding Committee led by Chairman, Howard Pryor, Director of Architectural Services at Conestoga Ceramic Tile created a "LEED: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design" webinar.

The purpose of the webinar is to educate architects on the many green benefits of ceramic tile. If you purchase the CTDA recorded webinar you will also receive the PowerPoint Slides with notes, this will give your company the capability to present this webinar to others in order to help educate architects and those new to the industry on the green benefits of ceramic tile.

What You Will Learn from the Webinar:

  1. What LEED Certification involves and how it relates to “green architecture”
  2. How to apply for LEED Certification for building projects
  3. How ceramic tile will add to the accumulation of LEED points
  4. What Ceramic Tile & Setting Material Manufacturers offer LEED points and how they are able to do this
  5. How to properly specify Ceramic Tile to be assured that they are following the LEED guidelines for certification.
    (Content Level of Webinar: General)

About the Presenter: Howard Pryor, Howard graduated from the University of Notre Dame. He has been Director of Architectural Services for Conestoga Ceramic Tile for over 23 years. He is a certified Ceramic Tile Sales Person, A Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant and a Certified Construction Specifier. He currently serves on the board for CTDA and is chairman of the Green Building Committee. Howard also serves on the Certification Committee and helped design the new CCTS Certification program and exam. He is on the Mold Committee and has served as President for the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of CSI (Construction Specification Institute) and was past chairman of the certification committee for the Middle Atlantic Region of CSI.

What You Receive: CTDA Recorded Webinar Given by Howard Pryor, PowerPoint Slides, PDF with Notes

Cost: $50 per CD. To purchase the CD click here.

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