The Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) reaches another milestone in its history of maintaining a strong industry with the Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) program! Through the CCTS program, companies can gain the prestige, professional recognition, expanded knowledge and increased customer satisfaction through documented sales competence.

It’s the first and only certification program specifically designed by and for ceramic tile salespeople!

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Developed by professional ceramic tile sales experts with the assistance of Southern Illinois University (SIU), the CCTS program covers the necessary skill sets to meet customers growing demands.


  • Raises professionalism
  • Promotes focus on product features and benefits
  • Increases employee pride
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Increases profits
  • Establishes the CTDA as an important standard-setting body for professional competence in the ceramic tile industry

Who Created It
SIU’s Department of Workforce Education and Development (WED) is one of the largest workforce-related professional development preparation agencies in the United States, and offers undergraduate and graduate preparation through the master's and doctoral degrees.

What to Expect
Once a candidate has registered for the CCTS exam, he or she receives two binders that comprise the CCTS Study Guide (The Study Guide Reference Binder and Tile Training in a Box).

The Study Guide Reference Binder contains tile industry references from which the test was written (such as the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation and the ANSI Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile). Also included are CD-ROMs with pretests and a study guide.

Tile Training in a Box with DVD's covers additional areas of knowledge needed to pass the CCTS program. It includes CTDA's Reference Guide and Installation of Tile and Stone for the Beginner, Basics of Ceramic Tile Test, CTDA's How to Handle Customer Complaints, CTDA's Mold Brochure, 4 Training DVD's, and A Guide to Training Employees New to the Tile Industry CD-ROM.

Due to the complexity of the exam CTDA recommends at least one month of study time prior to testing.

Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide has been created by the UofCTS as an online study guide for people who are preparing to take the CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) test.  Through the CCTS program, companies can gain the prestige, professional recognition, expanded knowledge and increased customer satisfaction through documented sales competence.  It’s the first and only certification program specifically designed by and for ceramic tile salespeople!

The online CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide is available at Online Education Registration, click here to access the registration page.  Students who purchase this course will be given 30 days access to it.  Additional 30 days access to the course will be provided as necessary until which time the student successfully passes the CCTS test.

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Please allow for 2 weeks to process your application and get the study guide to you.

"Even though I have gray hair and 20 years of experience, people ask me all the time what is CCTS. After I explain what I had to do to pass the certification, they are impressed. This certification sets me apart from the competition. It adds to my credibility. In today's competitive market, education sets you apart. While there are many reasons as to why we are up double digit this year, this certification is definitely one of them." - Steve Slutzah Westside Tile and Stone, Inc.

Each CCTS must renew their certification at three year intervals. If a CCTS does not recertify, he/she is no longer considered a Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson and may no longer use the CCTS designation or logo. All certifications expire at the end of a calendar year, regardless of the original testing date.

CTDA will email or mail notices to each CCTS advising them of the renewal requirements. Recertification Applications must be received no later than December 31st of your renewal year.

For each three year period you must attend 20 hours of professional education and pay a renewal fee of $125. It must be paid with the Recertification Application is submitted.

CTDA is happy to keep track of your educational hours throughout the year. Simply email CTDA staff and include the educational session you attended and how long the session lasted.

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Contact CTDA staff to determine your Recertification year.

Current CCTS'
To view a complete list of Certified Ceramic Tile Specialists click here. Please note the company each individual is listed under was the company they were with when certified. This is subject to change.

Congratulations to the following companies employing CCTS's!

American Olean (1 employee)
Americas Floor Source (1 employee)
Architectural Ceramics (1 employee)
Architectural Imports (1 employee)
Atals Concorde USA (1 employee)
Bonitz Flooring Inc (2 employees)
Ceramic Tile Design (2 employees)
Dal-Tile (1 employee)
D&B Tile Distributors (3 employees)
Exact Tile (2 employees)
Florida Tile, Inc. (43 employees)
Horizon Italian Tile (1 employee)
Laticrete International, Inc. (1 employee)
Louisville Tile Dist., Inc. (53 employees)
Marazzi Tile (1 employee)
Minnesota Tile & Stone (1 employee)
Robert F. Henry Tile Co. (3 employees)
Southeastern Tile Connection (1 employee)
Syverson Tile & Stone, Inc. (7 employees)
TEC/SCB (1 employee)
Tile America (4 employees)