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"Team Communication & Alignment"

The next CTDA webinar is scheduled for Friday, March 19th at 10am central on "Team Communication & Alignment" by John Tinghitella, founder of Humble Confidence, Inc.

Effective Communication can be the difference between success and failure in business. In employee surveys nationwide, Communication ranks as the #1 challenge facing businesses today. The Humble Confidence Team Communication and Alignment Seminar will provide the perspective, tools and mind set to help corporate teams communicate effectively, reduce waste, save time and build healthy working relationships. To view a 2 short excerpts click here.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
In this high energy program John Tinghitella focuses on team communication and its impact on alignment. The objective is to inspire teams to embrace simple and effective communication practices that allows for maximum alignment. Key issues covered include:

The Power of Alignment
• The Role of Communication in Team Development
• Humility and Confidence: A New Mind set
• Preparing your message: AlignUp!
• Avoiding Pitfalls

John approaches his subject from both a strategic and tactical perspective. He draws from numerous real world “trench” examples to illustrate the message. Participants will be stimulated to implement simple changes to “up the communication game” within their own organizations.

Take-Home Value: Participants will take home a new perspective on employee complexity and how messages must be customized to “find” audiences. They are encouraged to implement simple tools such as “AlignUp”, “The BringBack”, “Don’t PrepTalk” and “Sum it up in 3” on their teams. The Tips from the Trenches segment identifies 10 quick and easy to use methods for teams to embrace for immediate results.  

John Tinghitella is the founder of Humble Confidence Inc., a business training consultancy focused on Communication, Negotiation and Growth Management. John has run sales and marketing programs for successful businesses for 33 years. Humble Confidence was formed out of his passion for Communication excellence and its impact on team alignment. Please visit his website at: www.humbleconfidence.com. You can also check out his blog-sites: www.mytipsfromthetrenches.com (Communication) and www.tacticsfromthetrenches.com (Negotiation).

Humble Confident Inc. Vision: To enable great communication that aligns people for success.

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