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This Month's Topic:
"Mold-Free Tile Installations: Tricks of the Trade"

The next CTDA webinar is scheduled for Friday, May 15th at 10 a.m. CENTRAL. Leading this month’s seminar will be representatives from the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition, a non-profit organization, comprising building materials associations, building materials companies and academic and government organizations (www.responsiblemoldsolutions.org). It was formed in 2006 to communicate accurate, easy-to-follow advice on avoiding mold and moisture problems. Two leaders of the group, Paul Shipp, PhD, PE, and Principal Scientist for USG Corporation and Tony Fuller, Manager, Technical Services, National Gypsum Company, will lead the webinar.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
Most people involved in tile installations operate in “moisture central.” As a result, too often homeowners associate bathroom and kitchen tile installations as being prone to mold growth and the problems that can follow. And as is often the case with mold, the material or installation is not the cause of the mold outbreak—it’s moisture that has crept into the installation—and equally important—has no place to drain. Fortunately, preventing mold through a careful installation is not an expensive proposition. It’s mostly a matter of attention to detail and following industry standards during the installation process.

In addition, there are things you as tile contractors can do to make sure you’re protected from the liability associated with mold. For example, hold pre-construction meetings with your builder—make sure that the building is closed in before you begin your job. If it’s not, ask for a delay in your start date—or if that’s not possible, write a letter to your builder stating your concerns. Watch for wet building materials that are either stored outdoors, or are installed wet and not given sufficient time to dry before they are covered with backerboard and tile. During this upcoming webinar, our two experts will give you a wealth of new information to create dry, mold-free tile installations.

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