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This Month's Topic:
"Software System Implementation"

Are you implementing a new Software System? How much will your company invest on employee resources and application consultation? Are you developing processes and procedures to align the software with your organizational needs? What is the real ROI when you implement a new software system? How can you implement the new system with little negative impact to the customer?

The next CTDA webinar is scheduled for Friday December 19th at 10:00 a.m. CENTRAL. It will be given by Harold Yarborough (VP, General Manager - D&B Tile Distributors), Rudy Llerena (Managing Partner- D&B Tile of Miami), and Alex Llerena (Managing Partner – Tile Mart Distributors).The D&B Tile group was one of the first Tile Distributors to have a computer system more than 30 years ago. Dave Yarborough (CEO, Founder) of the group knew that technology would help manage his inventory and eliminate the method of manual entries on 3”x5” cards. Today the group has gone through three major system implementations. The most recent was an 18 month process from signing of purchase contract to “GO LIVE” day on March 10, 2008. D&B Tile Distributors “uses” technology to manage their ten South Florida locations, but relies on the training of the “users” in order to effectively apply that technology.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
1. What the real ROI is when you implement a new software system.
a. Selection of a team and its leaders.
b. Identifying the applications use and the organizational needs.
c. Processes and procedures developed in the training process.
d. Do you implement all of the software products? Emulate what you have now.

2. Preparing for the “GO LIVE” date.
a. Is your company and your software supplier ready to “GO LIVE”.
b. Inform and prepare the internal and external customers.

3. It does not end when you “GO LIVE”
a. Post evaluations to increase the software’s capacity.
b. More Training…

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Coming in 2009:
The CTDA membership committee has come up with another great benefit of membership! Beginning in 2009 all CTDA members will be given the opportunity to allow their customers to participate in CTDA webinars. In order to take advantage of this offer each company must purchase the $99 webinar for their company and will then receive a discounted price of $25 for each additional customer site they would like added.

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