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"Distributor Profitability in The Great Recession"

The next CTDA webinar is scheduled for Friday, December 17th at 10am Central on "Distributor Profitability in The Great Recession" by Al Bates, Chairman, President and founder of the Profit Planning Group.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
The so-called Great Recession created a unique set of financial challenges for distributors. In many lines of trade sales didn't just decline, they fell precipitously. Overall, profits sank to the lowest point since distributor financial benchmarking was established in the 1970s.

CTDA members were not immune from the challenges. Both 2008 and 2009 saw large sales declines in the industry. Firms had to scramble not just to prosper, but to survive.

Despite the challenges, a large number of firms continued to generate very strong profits. A few even produced exceptional results. Understanding how they did that is essential for future financial planning for any distribution firm.

This webinar will track the challenges and opportunities presented by the Great Recession. It will provide guidelines for maintaining strong financial performance under any set of economic conditions.

Al Bates, Chairman and President, is the founder of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.The firm works exclusively in the area of corporate financial planning. He makes approximately 100 presentations each year on topics such as Improving the Bottom Line, Getting Serious About Profit, Doing More with Less, and Pricing for Profit. He also provides strategic direction for the firmís investigation into profitability research for over one hundred different trade associations, including CTDA. He has written extensively in both the professional and trade press, including the Harvard Business Review, the California Management Review and Business Horizons. In addition he writes the quarterly Profit Improvement Reports for the firmís trade association clients.

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