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This Month's Topics:
"Bounce Back!" &
"Understanding Life Cycle Assessments and Their Relation to Tile"

CTDA will be hosting two back to back webinars this January on very different topics! "Bounce Back!" by Barry Thomsen will be held on Friday, January 15th at 10am central and "Understanding Life Cycle Assessments and Their Relation to Tile" by Bill Griese will be held on Tuesday, January 19th at 10am central.

Bounce Back!

Barry Thomsen believes when tough times hit your business you need to "Bounce Back" and get back on the positive growth path.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
Barry will focus on issues concerning small business success and marketing. Below are some of the key points Barry will hit on.

• Hold Prices – No Price Wars, Keep Mailing & Marketing
• If Builders Aren’t Buying….
• Reduce Costs and Waste, Key Employees
• Keep a Tight Inventory, Keep Cash Flowing
• Network More and More
• Reduce Fixed Expenses
• Search Out Publicity, Find New Customers, Cross Promotion Works

Barry Thomsen is a speaker, author & entrepreneur. He has 4 published business books and a 5th coming in the Spring. He has started, owned & operated over 20 businesses, several at the same time in his 30+ year career. Barry has been through several economic slow periods and by experience has found ways to weather the storm & sometimes come out of it stronger and certainly wiser. He feels that most of the things you learn in an economic downturn will work even better during the following boom times. When tough times hit your business you need to "Bounce Back" and get back on the positive growth path.

Understanding Life Cycle Assessments and Their Relation to Tile

In green building and design, Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are among the most widely talked about topics. Most green building experts agree LCAs are critical to sustainable construction, and that the environmental impact of buildings and products should be evaluated throughout their entire life spans. Even so, there remains considerable confusion and debate regarding the purpose of LCAs, the parameters they encompass, how they should be used, and whether or not they should be enforced.

Webinar Participants Will Learn:
This webinar will explain LCAs and their relevance to the tile industry. Additionally, participants will learn about:

• Different approaches to conducting product LCAs;
• Instances where LCAs are useful and beneficial;
• Pros and cons of standardizing LCAs;
• Current tile industry efforts to address LCAs;
• The future of LCAs and their contribution to green building.

Bill Griese, Standards Development and Green Initiative Manager for the Tile Council of North America, is involved in the development and revision of ASTM, ANSI, ISO, and other industry-specific standards, and the coordination of TCNA’s environmental efforts.  He serves as Chairman for the ASTM C21 Committee on Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products, and also works closely with TCNA’s Product Performance Testing Laboratory.  Griese is a LEED Accredited Professional and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Ceramic and Materials Engineering from Clemson University in Clemson, SC.

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